Shrimp farming is a rapidly maturing business, which has grown from 9,022 MT in 1970 to 1,130,737 MT in 1991 (FAO, 2001). Shrimp farming is highly beneficial to local communities as well as national economies of developing countries. In its early stages, shrimp farming relied heavily on natural resources including wild post larvae, semi natural impoundments, natural foods and usage of large adjoining ecosystems to absorb effluents. As the industry has advanced, use of natural inputs has steadily declined in favour acomplia rimonabant of better control and sustainability.

The management of disease is the major impediment to a sustainable industry, Enlightened and innovative management strategies, culture practices complemented by the use of few essential tools in form of quality feed additives will play important role in bringing about sustainability SYNERGY BIOTECHNOLOGIES rededicates itself to ensure sustainability and responsible aquaculture on the long run through promotion of its unique and natural solutions for the problems in aquaculture.



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